This year Anderson Development Company (ADC) was excited to continue the tradition of the iChallengeU event. ADC works in partnership with students across the county as they are presented with real world challenges that will generate educational feedback to benefit each student’s overall learning experience.

The two week educational program is provided to students throughout Lenawee County allowing them to work internally with local businesses. Anderson Development’s team consisted of Cheyenne Ely; of Adrian High School, Stephen Stump; of Sand Creek High School, and Trinity Bowen; of Hudson High School, along with their team leader Kelly Cichy; Madison High School faculty.

This year’s team worked hard, while being tasked with the goal of providing new ways to attract more highly skilled employees to Anderson Development Company. All information collected over the two week period was then presented by each of our team members at the 2019 iChallengeU    competition, held at Baker College.

As the 2019 iChallengeU program came to a close ADC asked each student the following question, “How would you describe your experience at Anderson Development Company?



“My experience at ADC was nothing short of amazing. There was not a single moment where I didn’t feel welcome, safe, or that I wasn’t learning. Every single employee was more than happy to help us out, even though we are just a group of high school student’s brain storming on a project and stealing their printer paper. I wish I could come back to ADC every summer for iChallengeU. It’s truly so much more than I expected. I feel like there is a place for everyone here and I really hope that what we produced can help ADC get more employees. I mean who wouldn’t want to work at such a positive place?

–  Cheyenne Ely



“I participated in the iChallengeU program because I am getting ready to go to college and could use some more scholarship money to help me pay for college. I also know that I need help with communication, public speaking, and critical thinking because I have autism. I figured that this program was the perfect opportunity to help me get better at that. I also figured that I could use the experience gained from the iChallengeU program in everyday life. The experience I had while participating in the iChallengeU program was able to help me better myself at communication, public speaking, and critical thinking.”

–  Stephen Stump



“My experience at Anderson was more than I expected it to be. To be welcomed and supported in such good manner was amazing. Everyone here is so helpful, and they all show why Anderson has such a great environment. Doing this competition made me even more excited to go into the work force. Seeing how great the whole business side of the company is truly inspired me, especially to see females like myself in such prestigious positions. I’ll be forever grateful to ADC for this experience and what everyone taught about what makes a good company.”

–  Trinity Bowen



Anderson Development Company is extremely proud of the work done by our iChallengeU team this year. They worked very hard and accomplished an incredible amount of work in the 2 week project time. ADC looks forward to implementing many of the recommendations made by the team as we look to improve our recruiting process. Moving forward into the year 2020, we are excited to continue the tradition of the iChallengeU program!  

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