At Anderson Development Company, the protection of our local and global communities are critical to the long term success of our customers and to the long term success of our company. Anderson Development Company follows the principles of Responsible Care® which aims to continually improve performance related to the environment, health, safety, and security with a focus on our stakeholders.

Anderson Development Company is committed to the UNEP goals, focusing on the Triple Bottom Line. We recognize businesses must focus on the people and on the planet, not only for profit, because we cannot be successful in a world that fails.

The use of our Almatex® GMA acrylic resins in powder coating applications is well known to be environmentally and ecologically friendly, energy and economy saving, and provides excellent coating properties in finishing systems. Almatex® acrylic resins can also be used in bio-degradable plastics manufacturing.

Anderson Development Company is proud that Almatex® GMA acrylic resin promotes sustainability across the entire value chain.

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