At Anderson Development Company (ADC) we devote our efforts to being a sustainable company while continuing to improve processes, serve our customers, and invest in the community. Just recently ADC held our very first Sustainability Week which was a great success!

The purpose of Sustainability Week was to engage for not only our employees and visitors but local community members as well. Through the use of educational posters, social media platforms, and a company-wide interactive scavenger hunt, we were able to highlight our sustainability initiatives, goals for our 2020 sustainability agenda, along with displaying our contributions towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The week was a great success with participation from all areas of the company, as well as customers and suppliers.

The educational posters highlighted our wide range of products and how they are contributing to a more sustainable future. Each of our product lines contains different sustainability aspects. For example, Almatex® Bio-based PUD’s that are produced from a Soybean Oil Derivative or use chemical intermediates that were derived from recycled plastic bottles; our Almatex® Acrylic Resins have a very low carbon footprint, and nearly 100% of product is used by end-user resulting in little to no waste; and our Andur® Polyurethane product line offer a low-free TDI option that reduces emissions and safety concerns from TDI vapors. Additionally, ADC has many partnerships within the community and schools with sustainability as part of that focus. ADC provides real-life experiences for community members and local students through student internships & co-ops and through events like Payback for Education Program, and the annual Household Hazardous Waste Day Event which directly impact different community groups.

Sustainability Week 2019 was one way to communicate why sustainability is important to our company and how all stakeholders are impacted. ADC will continue to strive for excellence in developing a more sustainable future for our company, community, and world.


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