Over time we have come to realize that the training and experience that some of our employees have gained through their military service has prepared them for exceptional success at Anderson Development Company (ADC). We recognize the commitment that veterans have made to our country and the skills such as leadership, teamwork, and work ethic are invaluable to our organization. We truly believe that our veterans help us serve our customers, community, and organization better.

ADC strives to provide a great place to work for veterans, and their families. For that reason and for the programs that we have developed, we are proud to announce that ADC has been qualified as a Bronze level Veteran-Friendly Employer though the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA). The MVAA is an exceptional organization that provides support and services to veterans and their families and recognizes employers that commit to military recruitment, training, and retention practices. Their veteran-friendly program helps qualified organizations recruit and retain top veteran talent and helps provide a road map to improve recruitment efforts.
We are proud to say that currently 11% of the ADC workforce are veterans themselves and even more who are veteran spouses or children of veterans who have been proud to serve in the military. We appreciate their service to the Country and their continued contribution and service to our customers and organization. We hope to build on this success and grow our family by hiring more veterans and to continue supporting them by providing them a great place to work.

We are honored to help serve and support the veteran community and we are grateful to be recognized as a Veteran-Friendly Employer. Thank you to the veteran community for all you have done and continue to do, it is greatly appreciated.



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