Anderson Development Company (ADC) is a chemical manufacturing facility that produces specialty and custom chemical products. It is often hard for those in our community to understand exactly what we do here since we don’t make something people see on a store shelf with our name on it.

We actually do a lot of really interesting things here at ADC. Many may not realize that our Almatex® acrylic resin goes to a coating company and then to a wheel company and then to the auto makers. Most likely when a person buys a new car, the resin on the wheels probably came from ADC.

Our Almabor® products go into a wide variety of applications such as pharmaceutical drugs or silly putty! We also make products that make tougher roller coaster wheels, and ketchup or sauce bottles to keep the contents fresh. ADC also has a new opportunity on the horizon making products that is used to make a specialty ink for flexible packaging such as potato chip bags.

Even though our name not be on the shelf in your favorite grocery store, or on a billboard somewhere…our products are making other products better all around the world! Better products start in Adrian with Anderson Development Company!


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