At a recent conference, Anderson Development Company was asked the question of why we were willing to invest so much of time for our technical experts to lead different programs for the polyurethane industry–like leading an effort to create training materials for the safe, handling and disposal use of MOCA.   The person went on to say “These days, everyone has stretched their resources to the bone and will only help their biggest customers, and you’re out there helping other people who don’t even buy from you.”

Right to Left: Chris Goeloe (ADC’s VP Quality/Responsible Care) and Mike Kocak,  co-chairman of the EHS-Regulatory Committee, unveil the MOCA Safe Handling poster at the PMA Annual Meeting.


For Anderson Development Company, the answer to the question was pretty easy to answer.  This was just one of the many ways as a company that we can “pay it forward”. It is the same reason we are involved in our community, why we try to support our educators and schools, and why we share our wealth by supporting people with things like food drives. This is just another way. We strongly feel that if we can use our expertise to lead the effort to protect the health of people who handle chemicals, we should!  It doesn’t matter if they don’t buy from us–yet! It’s about doing the right thing; it’s about responsible chemistry. We strongly believe that chemistry can be performed safely if you understand what you are working with, have the right training, use the right tools and take the right precautions.

As a company, we’ve always believed that if you take care of people, whether they are your employees, your community members or the other people working in your industry, they will take care of you in the long run!





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